SmartBear Launches LoadNinja, A Cloud-based Platform

SmartBear recently announced the launch of LoadNinja, a cloud-based platform developed for performance professionals and engineers who load test web apps. LoadNinja provides a novel mix of accuracy, actionable performance data, and efficiency, thus enabling teams to easily integrate load testing in an agile and DevOps environment. As against conventional load testing platforms that are based on protocol and need tiresome programming and correlation of dynamic application aspects, LoadNinja helps the engineer to focus more on creating applications that scale instead of focusing on developing load testing scripts.

Anand Sundaram, VP of Performance Testing and Monitoring, SmartBear, said, “Application performance is critical to ensure the continued success of a digital business. Teams struggle to incorporate performance testing of their applications due to the unreasonable amount of time it takes to get the load testing scripts right using conventional tools. LoadNinja removes this manual effort, helps you generate the most realistic load using real browsers, and provides actionable performance data about the behavior of the web applications under conditions of stress.”

Traditional protocol based tools have a precipitous learning curve and necessitate mundane programming of recorded scripts before they can be played back. On the other hand, LoadNinja, with its InstaPlay recorder, does away with this step so as to allow recorded scripts to be played back instantly. The efficacy gains from such an approach, particularly when load tests are run regularly in an agile and DevOps environment, allow teams to concentrate their endeavours exclusively on load testing and saves time that was being previously spent in building and massaging scripts before load tests.

Furthermore, in contrast to the load generated by traditional tools that make use of vendor-developed patented browser emulators, LoadNinja’s TrueLoad technology utilizes real browsers at scale for load tests, thus creating the most realistic as well as valid representation of load on the infrastructure that supports the web application under test.

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