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World’s Richest Man Jeff Bezos, Wife Divorcing After 25 YearsWhat happens when the richest man in the world and his wife divorce? Rachel Kim has that answer.

CBS 2 News at 11:00 p.m. (Jan. 10)Arrest in brutal bus stop assault, tour bus wanted in hit-and-run, president returns from border visit and furloughed firefighters.

Police Searching For Suspect Who Shot Davis OfficerA female officer was shot in Davis Thursday night, and UC Davis was sheltering in place.

Body Found On 405 Freeway In OCA body was found on the 405 Freeway in Fountain Valley Thursday night, bringing traffic to a crawl in both directions.

Search On For ‘Button-Down Bandit’He’s being called the “button-down bandit.” A guy in a nice outfit strolls right into a Southland family’s garage and cruises off with their car. The well-dressed crook pulled that off at a home in Rancho Cucamonga. CBSLA Inland Empire reporter Nicole Comstock with more.

Bumpy Recovery For Woolsey Fire VictimsMalibu homeowners tonight are trying to return to normal after the devastating Woolsey Fire. They say cleanup has been slow and the rebuilding process complicated and that the president is making things even more stressful. CBSLA reporter Jeff Nguyen is outside of Malibu City Hall with details.

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