Rectangular cloud frightened the people of England (VIDEO)

Прямоугольное облако напугало жителей Англии (ВИДЕО)

A resident of Cleethorpes (English town) last week made a unique record of the sky, on which emerged a cloud of perfect rectangular shape. The video anomaly is attached below.

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The woman immediately published the footage online. First, the video was circulated on social networks, and then various sites. The anomaly has attracted thousands of users.

Some of the regulars decided that the video is the result of skillful editing. Recently, however, the astronauts managed to capture with the ISS a few rectangular clouds. This proves the authenticity of not only video resident Cleethorpes, but other similar materials, which appeared on the Internet earlier.

According to conspiracy theorists, such education can be the result of geoengineering. Some scholars specifically have an impact on the atmosphere, and created the whimsical clouds. Clouds, apparently, are a by-product in the course of the activities of experts.

Some experts, seeing a rectangular formation, remember the theory about intelligent clouds. It is noteworthy that there were cases when the clouds showed your mind.

Earlier over the Nikolaev there was a strange cloud in the form of a mushroom cloud.

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