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There is a beauty to simplicity, like the simplicity of the OxygenOS in a OnePlus phone. This simplicity is the reason why here at the India Today Tech we love the OxygenOS that OnePlus puts in its phones. The latest OxygenOS is a custom version of the Android 9 Pie, but unlike the customisations that other phone makers put in their software, the OnePlus customisations are mostly perfect to the T. The company keeps the user interface of Android simple and pure while adding a feature here and there that makes the phone more useful. The Google Lens integration in the OnePlus 6T camera is one such feature.

Google Lens is incredibly useful. It basically turns the phone’s camera into a smart virtual eye that can help users make sense of the world around them. Yet, despite its usefulness, there aren’t many phones that come with Google Integrated into their cameras. In fact, apart from Google’s own Pixel phones, the recently-launched OnePlus 6T is one of the handful of phones that come with the Lens directly integrated inside the camera app.

The result is that even though OnePlus doesn’t talk of AI this or AI that for the camera in the OnePlus 6T, the company offers some incredible and easy-to-use functionality through the main 16-megapixel rear camera in its latest phone.

So, what is it that you can do with the Google Lens in the OnePlus 6T? The answer is everything that you can do with the Google Lens in the official Google phone like the Pixel 3 XL.

Google Lens is an augmented reality feature, which means it tends to blur the differences between the real and virtual world. So, by using the Lens integrated into the OnePlus 6T camera app you can scan the text from a paper book, or copy the Wi-Fi password from the poster in front of you.

Google explains it best when it says, “(Lens comes with) smart text selection (that) connects the words you see with the answers and actions you need. You can copy and paste text from the real world — like recipes, gift card codes, or Wi-Fi passwords — to your phone. Lens helps you make sense of a page of words by showing you relevant information and photos. Say you’re at a restaurant and see the name of a dish you don’t recognize-Lens will show you a picture to give you a better idea.”

In addition the Lens can also scan paper documents and turn them into PDFs for you. Or it can translate a menu in Italian into English in real time. And it can identify objects, or even animals, and then let you do a web search for them.

A lot of this is cutting-edge technology, and it requires powerful hardware inside the phone as well as a version of Android that has not been messed up by third-party modifications. On both counts, the OnePlus 6T scores well.

So, how do you use the Google Lens on your OnePlus phone? It’s simple: When you are ready to scan a document or want to identify what breed of dog you are looking at, open the camera app on the OnePlus 6T. Now go into options (the same place where you also see the manual mode). Tap on the Google Lens icon, which is a small square with a dot inside it. And that’s it, the camera enters the Lens mode and then you can use it.

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