New Jobs Search Website Helps Nonprofit Workers

By Ethan Duran

The Jobs That Help logo, with artwork of the Hoan Bridge. (Photo by Jobs That Help.)

The new job search website Jobs That Help launched on February 4 to help job-seekers in the Milwaukee area find over 200 job opportunities posted by 60 nonprofit groups. Jobs That Help is an independent initiative that helps nonprofits in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Menomonee Falls and other parts of the county. The website was developed to specially cater to nonprofit work.

Jobs That Help provides a search platform for volunteers, educators and workers to find work with conservation groups, churches and schools. Some nonprofits are looking for help with youth services, early childhood education and social services. The jobs posted on Jobs That Help are volunteer only, but the reward comes from learning and working with others. Some volunteers serve causes for inclusiveness, social justice and caring for those who can’t care for themselves.

“Volunteering provides the opportunity to do something meaningful in a way that other jobs may not provide,” said Ben Hastil, the founder of Jobs That Help.

Hastil created Jobs That Help this year after the Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee closed their website. After the old website had shut down, the nonprofit community needed a new job-search website. “[Nonprofits] are the backbone of the community,” Hastil said. “They are critical for people in need, which is all of us in certain points of our lives.”

One of Jobs That Help’s goals is to spread awareness about nonprofit work, which the nonprofit community appreciates greatly. The website is free for browsing and posting job listings. Though nonprofit work isn’t paid, it still uses interviewing skills and can help build a resume.

There is always room for more helping hands in the nonprofit community. Hastil said that volunteers excel at their work when they show an interest to explore further and dig deeper.

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