Microsoft’s Sticky Notes App Now Accessible Through the Bro…

Windows 10’s Sticky Notes app has been picking up a ton of improvements lately. It first started off when Microsoft launched Sticky Notes 3.0, with an improved interface and support for syncing notes across all your Windows devices. The company then took it a step further by bringing the ability to access and edit your Sticky Notes on Android and iOS via the OneNote app.

And now, Sticky Notes is coming to the web. Microsoft today launched Sticky Notes under the OneNote domain on the web, letting users access their Sticky Notes from anywhere they want. This means you can now edit and access your Sticky Notes from a Mac, a Linux machine, or even a Chromebook device.

Sticky Notes on the web works much like the app, letting you format your notes and choose different colors for all your notes. There isn’t a dark theme for the app yet, which only recently launched on Windows 10. Either way, the move to the cloud for Sticky Notes has definitely proven to be really helpful here, as the app has expanded to a bunch of new platforms in a matter of weeks.

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