How to Do Keyword Research in 2019 for Maximum Search Traff…

Keyword research isn’t just about choosing high volume search terms, building links, and ranking for that single keyword alone. It is the foundation of a good SEO campaign.

Ahrefs studied 3 million random search queries and found that a #1 ranking page will also rank for nearly 1,000 relevant keywords in the top 10 search results.

So how do you rank your pages for more keywords?

Join this sponsored ThinkTank webinar and learn how to find and choose keywords and topics that will produce the most organic search traffic for your website.

You’ll learn:

  • Why search volume doesn’t always represent search traffic.
  • How to find long tail keyword opportunities with high traffic potential.
  • How to gauge keyword difficulty of a topic.
  • A data-driven approach to create content for semantic search.

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