Does cloud gaming mean game over for the home console?

Of course, the implicit suggestion of streaming to multiple devices is that games will start to become more platform agnostic. This is something that perhaps suits a software giant such as Microsoft, but perhaps less so for PlayStation and Nintendo, whose stellar line-up of exclusives they may prefer to reserve for their own platforms. But if that were the case, the winds of change are already blowing and may be hard to resist.

Even disregarding the looming advent of cloud gaming, games such as battle royale phenomenon Fortnite have already starting breaking down some of the barriers between platforms. Fortnite allows players to carry their progress and purchases across platforms, be it PlayStation, PC or mobile phone, and to play with other players on different devices.

Even Sony, a staunch hold-out against the idea of ‘cross-platform play’ eventually bowed to the power of Fortnite and the demands of a new breed of player; brought up on Netflix, free-to-play games and the ability to move between platforms at will.

These are the considerations that gaming companies will need to take into account when it comes to cloud gaming and the future of the industry as a whole. It may be a good decade away, but does this mean peace in our time and an end to the console wars? The disruption that this new technology will bring is likely to be fierce, but dedicated gaming devices have continuously managed to adapt to new challenges. Time will tell if they can weather this particular storm. News

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